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As Arizona’s fastest growing responsible electronics recycler, E-Waste Management provides many services related to electronic recycling, data destruction and IT asset disposition.

Electronics Recycling

If your old electronics are ready for collection, call the E-Waste Management team at 480-999-7500 to schedule an E-Waste Management pick up from your location. If you haven’t quite gathered your outdated electronics, we can provide you with a dedicated E-Waste Management collection bin. Once the collection bin is full, simply call us and we will away all your used electronics for recycling.

If you have your own transportation, or for smaller quantities, you can drop off your old electronics at the E-Waste Management Tempe Arizona location for socially responsible e-recycling and e-destruction.

Hard Disk Wipe and Data Destruction

The E-Waste Management approach to Hard Disk Data (HDD) ensures your private information is never compromised. Our team has the right tools and processes to give you total confidence that your old data is completely unrecoverable, and the hard disks completely erased. E-Waste Management uses four industry leading disk sanitization methods.

Drive Wipes – In this disk sanitzation process, our security software writes a series of ones and zeros over top of any existing data. This approach is adequate for many data security needs.

Degausing – In this disk sanitzation process, we remove the data, which is actually a magnetic field, by introducing an extremely powerful magnetic field. Degausing is the only guaranteed way of eliminating all electronic information from the storage medium.

Physical Destruction – In this disk sanitzation process, the skilled E-Waste Mangement team physically destroys the hard drive.

Hybrid Data Destruction – The National Security Agency (NSA) and US Department of Defence (DoD) us a hybrid data destruction model which combines degaussing and physical destruction to ensure their own data is removed in a secure manner.

Certificate of Destruction – We can provide a certificate of destruction at the time your Hard Disk Data (HDD) is destroyed and our customized, secure customer portal ensures you have access to all of your past data destruction certificates. Forever. Guaranteed.

Approved by (DoD) Claims – Be cautious of claims that your data will be erased using DoD standards. The US Department of Defense no longer references DoD 5220.22-M as a method of secure HDD data sanitization. The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines for media sanitization (NIST SP 800-88) has become the guideline that true data sanitization follows. Call the E-Waste Management Team

On-Site Data Destruction (E-Waste Mobile)

The E-Waste Mobile team can complete the destruction of your old IT assets and data on site to ensure compliance with your data security and IT disposition protocol. Our mobile equipment allows you to see the physical destruction of the data drive at your facility premises.

Live Data Destruction (E-Waste Live)

We developed E-Waste Live for business, health agencies, government and educational institutes who need the confidence of on-site e-waste disposal but prefer the convenience of off-site e-waste destruction. E-Waste Live allows you to witness the destruction of your old electronics at our Tempe Arizona facility through a secure high definition video stream.

Old Electronics Collection Bins

Larger business, health agencies, government and educational institutes may find it easier to utilize our free E-Waste Management collection bins program for all old electronic waste. Once the collection bin is full, simply call us and we will away all your used electronics for recycling.

The E-Waste Management team can schedule a regular pick up or simply call us at 480-999-7500 and we will pick up our full e-waste bin and leave you with an empty bin to fill with your ongoing e-waste. This is a great solution for health agencies, government and business to dispose of their used electronics during a technology refresh program.

Also watch for our e-waste collection bins in your community.

Facility Move Outs

Coordinating with your move out plans, the E-Waste Management facility move out program ensures your old technology securely leaves your old office when you do.

Our E-Waste Management team will arrive at your facility on move out day and remove all the corporate e-waste you would like to securely e-recycle. We will shrink wrap your old technology on our pallets and remove everything from your facility to our Tempe Arizona e-recycle facility for processing.